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Welcome to Missouri River Country

A DISTINCT REGION UNTO ITSELF, this place of the Great Plains harbors unique landforms. Grand scenes composed of geologic wonder unfold here. Space, much of it undisturbed, is its greatest commodity and an unending sky delivers a feeling of no borders or confinement where one can stretch and breathe. This is Montana's Missouri River Country.

Lewis and Clark Trail

The Missouri River Country covers more than 1/3 of the path that Lewis and Clark traveled. Trace their journey through the Missouri River Country while viewing maps, images, and reading their journal entries.

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The plants of the prairie. #NortheastMontana #MissouriRiverCountry #MoreRoomToRoam⁣
📷 @kelsey_of_malta A great horned owl enjoying a midday nap. #NortheastMontana #MissouriRiverCountry #MoreRoomtoRoam ⁣
📷: @ken_plourde Stargazing is one of our favorite pastimes in Missouri River Country, and it's easy to see why. #NortheastMontana #MissouriRiverCountry #MoreRoomtoRoam⁣
📷 @dornskeet Canada Geese found some open water. #northeastmontana #missouririvercountry #canadageese #fortpecklake An ice fishing trail across the Lake. Not safe to use anymore. #fortpecklake #northeastmontana #missouriruvercountry #moreroomtofish


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